Tuesday League


Pace and backup was an issue on #4 week 1, so let’s try waving up the group playing behind you if they have been waiting for you to reach the green on #4. Once your groups balls are marked, clear the green and wave them up to hit. This will only be on black tee weeks. Thank you

Please write full names on scorecards for subs. Thank you.

Thank you to everyone for paying dues in a timely manor.

Tee times will open up Wednesdays at 8am weekly for the following week. You can book on our website, through the app or call the Clubhouse. Earliest tee time to play is 3:30 every Tuesday.

Hole 3 is now a red penalty area. This means you are able to to take a 2 club lateral drop with a 1 shot penalty all the way up the left side if you hit it in the woods. If it’s off the tee it is probably in your best interest to re-tee with the one shot penalty like when it was a white stake O.B.