Wednesday League


We now have the League set up.  I’ll post a Schedule/Roster, League Rules & a Sublist on the board at the clubhouse.  It’ll probably take Pete some time to update the website. The best way to access the website is through the Grandview website –, then the leagues dropdown menu on the home page. A couple of changes: We’ll be having a 18 team league with 17 Teams & 1 Ghost Team. Please consult the Rule Sheet about how to play against the Ghost Team. THE FIRST NIGHT OF LEAGUE WILL NOW BE ON APRIL 28. I added one week to the league so that every team plays every other team once. First Half will be 9 weeks & Second half will be 8 weeks.  Warm up night is April 21.  New players are encouraged to play on the 21st so you can get a little more comfortable about how things work. If anyone has questions, please contact me at 920-585-6634. Thanx Bruce Wunderlich

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