Wednesday League


This week 8/26 is the Playoff/Fun Night. Congratulations to Team #9 Chuck Dahlke, Randy Emmerich, Scott Lillge & Mel Johnson. Second Half Champions. They will be taking on First Half Champions – Shayne Porter, Wayne Huettl, Dennis Dalhstrom & Barry Hoff. For the Fun Night we’ll be playing a Team 4 man Best Ball with Handicap. Each player plays his own ball with the Best Net Score – the lowest score with handicap applied – counting for each hole. Hole Prizes and League Awards will be presented. 8/26 is also Steak Night. Steak, Baked Potato, Sweet Corn & Salad will be served. Cook your own steak and do your own dishes. For those not comfortable because of Covid, you can pick a steak to take home. Fall League starts on Wednesday 9/2. The Sign Up Sheet is in the corner at the clubhouse.

Low Gross Score Last Event:

Wes Schwarz – 36
Jay Dompier – 36

Low Net Score Last Event:

Mike Olk – 29

High Points Last Event:

Jeff Graichen – 16